Reflections on a Worldview



Why People Are Fleeing From Facts

Science has been improving and developing its methods and it has become more and more easier to establish facts in areas such as physics, medicine and policy. Since facts are becoming available to a larger extend people have wondered why... Continue Reading →


Politics and Evolution

Political science research suggests that a great majority of people fall on a left-right spectrum of politics. Whether you fall on the left or the right seems to be dependent on the story we tell about ourselves. The progressive, left-wing... Continue Reading →

Separation of Powers: The Importance

Last week, a federal judge in Seattle had lifted the immigration ban that Donald Trump put in place. The American president has now targeted the judicial power on Twitter. By doing this, he openly questions the constitutional separation of powers.... Continue Reading →

Climate Change: why the sceptisism?

Only a few days ago, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists set the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock to two-and-a-half minutes to midnight. Next to the threat of nuclear warfare, the threat climate change poses to mankind is their main reason... Continue Reading →

Immigration Ban: why it misses its goal

The United States will not admit refugees for the next four months. In that period of time, Trump will revise the refugee program. After these four months, refugees can only enter the U.S. after being thoroughly screened. Additionally, no visa... Continue Reading →

Politics of Fear

‘’I have a nightmare.’’ Perhaps not as memorable as the version in which Martin Luther King had a dream, however good enough for some politicians these days. It should not come as a shock that politicians want you to vote;... Continue Reading →

Oh dear

Oh dear. A two-word expression often inaudibly used to captivate the horrors that are being shown on the news. And although the broadcast merely lasts thirty minutes, the events to which people say ‘oh dear’, are continuous. Adam Curtis coined... Continue Reading →

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