Gaining new insights into the world that we live in is the main objective of this website. Articles ranging from history, world politics, biology and philosophy provide new ideas and concepts to explore the world.

The best way to describe the motivation for Reflections of a Worldview comes from an article published by The Guardian. The article concludes that we do not have to be afraid of a world in which books will be banned and information will be withheld. It says that we have to be afraid of a world where no one wants to read one; where the truth will be drowned in a sea of irrelevance; where passiveness and addiction to technology will cause people to search for the constant confirmation of their own worldviews.

The article goes on to say that journalists do great work, however they cannot guard us from this dystopian world. The power of technology and the internet is that all civilians can participate in the process of truth seeking. It is fundamental to be responsible for your own open mind and critical stance.

Reflections on a Worldview is the attempt the learn about the world that we live in. Articles concerning politics, history, philosophy and more to expand your worldview.