The European Union is morally and culturally bankrupt, at least according to the German philosopher and historian Ulrike Guérot. It is time to bury the EU-project and time to build a European Republic that consists of 50 regions clustered around large cities. The United States of Europe will have a recognizable identity and have shared economical and cultural interest. A strong Europe that re-invents itself.

Ulrike Guérot states that renewing the EU-project is crucial and she puts herself among utopic thinkers with her book Why Europe Must Become a Republic. After having worked for 20 years on building the European union, it became clear to her that this Europe is bankrupt. One crisis after another (Brexit, Greece, refugees) with the definitive blow being the upcoming elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands, while the EU does not have a clear answer to the increasing critique coming from growing populist and nationalistic parties.

Guérot compares the current state of the EU to the WTC during the 9/11 attacks. We are watching and doing nothing while everything collapses, and if we do nothing the EU will not stand. This is not the result of the many crises but the way the EU deals with every crises according to Guérot. The EU is morally and culturally bankrupt and has become a union of money.

The German philosopher and historian proposes a radically different path; away from the bankrupt states in which many cannot recognize themselves and do not feel spoken for. During the Middle Ages, Europe existed of more than 50 different regions. These regions, clustered around important points, should form the European Republic in which everyone is equal. The Europe of citizens is born, and the elite-project that is the European Union will be buried.